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Certification in Kazakhstan.

Centre of Certification GOST-K is operating successfully for over 8 years now doing voluntary and obligatory certification.

Centre of Certification GOST-R is operating successfully for over 7 years now doing voluntary and obligatory certification. Certificate GOST-K for Kazakhstan

To be able to export their products to market in the Republic of Kazakhstan are required Quality GOST-K.

Certificate GOST-K is a document that confirms the quality of products and its compliance with the norms and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Most of the products exported to Kazakhstan are subject to compulsory certification, but some are not.

In such a case is the ability to issue "certificates do not require a certificate GOST-K", which certifies that the product is not subject to compulsory certification which allows it to export and sale on the premises of Kazakhstan.

Process Certification GOST-K is pretty much the same as the certification process in Russia, while in Kazakhstan may be a different breakdown of the certifications and more certificates.

The range of products on which Russia will be issued a certificate GOST-R, Kazakhstan will require the issue of 2 or 4 certificates. Everything depends on the device and models which the product has a code of tariff and customs code OKP (statistical code).

The prices looks as follows: for 2 or 4 certificates GOST-K in Kazakhstan will pay you more or less the same as if a certificate GOST-R in Russia.

There are three types of certification:

Certificate GOST-K on a year to merge production. Certification GOST-K on the production of series expiring three years

Certification batch of goods. When receiving the certificate from the date of the validity of three years must be made at the manufacturing plant is linked to the departure of two experts, the flight costs, expenses and costs of their stay the delegation.

Obtaining the certificate GOST-K with the term of validity of one year is carried out on the basis of an analysis of the manufacturer's technical, certification of quality manufacturer and tested samples of products. The purpose of our action is to assist in obtaining certificates GOST-K

Our Experts will answer your questions. You can send us an inquiry to info@r-gost.eu or fill this application form.

Certification - this is our job, which we love and know perfectly.

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